eBooks de Commerce International (anglais)

Une sélection de livres sur le commerce international, les Incoterms, la négociation, l´interculturel, dictionnaire des termes spécialisés, etc., qui peuvent être achetés sur ce site. Tous ces livres sont en anglais.


This ebook contains 2000 key terms for international business and trade. It provides a full and precise definition of each term, and explains the context in which they are used.
The International Business Plan is a practical guide and template for international market development used by companies, executives, consultants and students that require a practical tool for planning international activities.
international business plan
How to properly use the latest version of Incoterms.
Clear, concise and practical information to negotiate in international markets.
Etiquette tips that executives should know when they negotiate on international markets.
International Business Negotiations
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