Contracts for Arab Countries in English and Arabic

Contracts for Arab Countries in English and Arabic

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For companies that do business in Arab and Middle Eastern countries, it is essential to use contract models that facilitate negotiation with companies in that geographical area and at the same time provide legal certainty.

With this double objective, the most used contract models are offered in operations with Arab Countries: Sale, Distribution, Agency, Supply, Strategic Alliance and Confidentiality.

Starting from the Anglo-Saxon law (common law) for commercial contracts, the clauses are adapted to the uses and practices of the Arab Countries, complying at all times with their legislation.

The contracts are drawn up in two languages: English and Arabic. To make it easier to read and understand, the double column system is used, which allows the text of the different clauses to be compared and completed in parallel.

In conjunction with each of the contracts, a Guide on Contract Negotiation in Arab Countries is provided, which deals with the guidelines of behavior and usual practices of Arab companies when negotiating contracts with foreign companies.