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Software Development Agreement

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The Software Development Agreement, also known as a software contract, is a legal document which stipulates the terms and conditions of a software development project between two or more parties. In this type of services agreement a software company (Developer) agrees to develop, supply and install new software programs to another company (Client). The ownership of the software is transferred to the Client.

Once defined the scope and services provided, the Software Development Agreement contains clauses such as Developer responsibilities, phases of the development, payments, warranties, confidentiality, non-competition, copyright, training, applicable law and competent jurisdiction.

This type of Agreement is used to provide custom software development for clients. If it is a question of supplying standard software programs by many clients, the Software License Agreement must be used. In this case the license does not include transferring to the client the ownership of the software.

Index of the contract



  1. Services defined
  2. Scope and services
  3. Developer responsibilities
  4. Development phases and sub-phases
  5. Software documentation deliverables
  6. Company's responsibilities
  7. Term of the agreement
  8. Survival beyond completion
  9. Warranties
  10. Guarantee of original development
  11. Systems uptime
  12. Confidentiality and security of the systems
  13. Non-competition
  14. Rights to new ideas
  15. Company's right to contract for similar work
  16. Cancellation
  1. Title rights, ownership, right to use
  2. Payments
  3. Invoices
  4. Training
  5. Assignment of contract by company
  6. Non-assignment of contract by developer
  7. Patent copyright or trade secret indemnity
  8. Indemnification inclusion of costs
  9. Developer employees assigned to this agreement
  10. Developer employees hired by company
  11. Bankruptcy
  12. Force majeure
  13. Compliance with all laws - partial invalidity
  14. Amendments
  15. Entire agreement
  16. Resolution of disagreement
  17. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
  18. Language


50,00 €

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Software Development Agreement EN

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50,00 €
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