Incoterms FAS

Free Alongside Ship (named place of delivery)

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Incoterms FAS is used only for sea transport. The seller delivers the goods placing them alongside the ship named by the buyer at the agreed port of shipment. The export clearance is done by the seller.

This Incoterm is only used for certain commodities and materials that are not packed and cannot be individualized, such as grain, timber, minerals, steel products, etc.; delivery is done in those ports that have specialized terminals for this type of products. If the goods are carried in containers, Incoterm FCA should be used as containers are delivered at port terminals and not alongside ships.

The export clearance must be done by the seller. Usually, it is necessary to clear the goods before placing them alongside the ship.

When using FAS, the buyer is responsible for loading the goods on the ship. For this reason, the buyer must know very well the practices in the port of shipment because in the case of problems arise there.

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