Trade Dictionary in English, Spanish and French

This Trade Dictionary includes 1200 terms and phrases used in export and import operations. In three languages: English, Spanish and French.

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Spanish English French
Mercado alcista

Bull market

Marché à la hausse
Mercado de contado

Spot market

Marché au comptant
Mercado de divisas

Foreign exchange market

Marché de devise étrangère
Mercado de prueba

Test market

Marché d'essai
Mercado emergente

Emerging market

Marché émergent

Merchandise, goods

Mercancías en tránsito

Transit goods

Marchandises en transit
Mercancías falsificadas


Mercancías no conformes

Non-conforming goods

Marchandises non conformes
Mercancías peligrosas

Dangerous goods

Marchandises dangereuses
Mercancías perecederas

Perishable goods

Marchandises périssables
Metro cuadrado

Square meter

Mètre carré
Metro cúbico

Cubic meter

Mètre cube


Misión comercial

Trade mission

Mission commerciale
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