Trade Dictionary in English, Spanish and French

This Trade Dictionary includes 1200 terms and phrases used in export and import operations. In three languages: English, Spanish and French.

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Spanish English French
Carta de porte ferroviario

Railroad bill of lading

Lettre de voiture ferroviaire
Carta de porte por carretera

Trucking bill of lading

Lettre de transport routière






Certificado de análisis

Certificate of analysis

Certificat d'analyse
Certificado de calidad

Certificate of quality

Certificat de qualité
Certificado de cantidad

Certificate of quantity

Certificat de quantité
Certificado de circulación EUR 1

EUR 1 movement certificate

Certificat de circulation EUR 1
Certificado de conformidad

Certificate of compliance

Certificat de conformité
Certificado de despacho

Clearance certificate

Certificat d'intervention
Certificado de embarque

Shipping certificate

Certificat d'éxpedition
Certificado de fabricación

Certificate of manufacture

Certificat de fabrication
Certificado de homologación

Certificate of adequacy

Certificat d'homologation
Certificado de inspección

Certificate of inspection

Certificat d'inspection
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