Global Negotiator Affiliate Program

Want to become part of Globalnegotiator Affiliate Program. Join our Program and earn commissions by sending customers from your website/blog to our website. It´s simple to do and it´s free. Besides earning extra revenue you provide your customers with relevant and first class online products for international business executives.

How does it work?

  1. After signing up to be part of the Program we send you text links and samples of our banners for placing on your website/blog.
  2. The links contain a special tracking code and when customers click on those links and purchase in our website you will earn a commission of 10% on every item they purchase.
  3. Commission will be pay to you every month through PayPal

After you complete and submit your application, you will receive by e-mail text links and banners, as well as instructions for placing them on your website. After that you will start receiving commissions.

Complete this form and click the "Send" button below to submit your Affiliate Program application.

Please make sure you read and agree to the Terms of our Affiliate Program before submitting your application


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